Friday, September 13, 2013


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

One-to-one with the Line Manager.

LM: Your productivity, your tasks, your roles - you did a very good job. However, there is only one thing I'd like to talk about.  Your teamwork.

NI: How is that a problem? We did everything correctly, without any major external error so far. How can my lack in teamwork affect the team?

LM: Don't get me wrong. I know that you always communicate with other members, but it is always work related. I hope to see you converse with other people about other topics as well - movies, current issues, jokes. And the people from other team as well.

NI: But you see, I do greet them. Just a simple "Hi" or "Hello".

LM: Yes, but please try to engage more into the conversation. You see how people always greet A whenever they come or pass by to our team?

NI: I don't know. If I don't have anything to say, I'll just keep on doing my own thing. That's just me. It's much more comfortable that way.

LM: Don't be shy. Just speak to them. Let people recognize you more. And when the company organizes the CSR program, or throw a dinner party, please make yourself available.

NI: No I am not shy. It's just I don't feel the need to talk with people when there is nothing good or useful to talk about. And I don't mind whether people will recognize me or not.

LM: It's important. Say if you get an interview from other department - and you have met the interviewer during CSR activity, that might help you A LOT. And one day, you yourself might become the Line Manager. Imagine how people will say "Izzati's team is no fun. It's boring" just because you always concentrate on your work and less conversation with other people.
My last reply,
"Okay, I'll try."
Bagi aku, buang masa cakap benda ni. Malas nak panjangkan hal. Aku lebih senang kalau orang acknowledge aku solely based on my performance, daripada mengampu entahpape, last-last kerja semua kelaut.
I don't know, but as a Line Manager, he should know how to deal with introvert people, instead of ask them NOT to become themselves.

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